Arjuna Cipta are……

ARJUNA CIPTA & Associates are special house and team born for Art’s decorations lovers & appreciates. Arjunareans has specialized heart & hand on event decorations as for wedding reception functions, mainly on signature Pelamin (grand wedding dais), bedroom decor, main table, banquet hall & ballroom thematic decorations, engagement ceremony, birthday party, fresh flower, customs made decor arrangement and etc as We have been experienced & involve in this passionate art lover field since a few years back. Our passion on decorations are made to assure of & aims ultimately only for our client’s satisfaction which comes along with our professional Arjunareans team, heart full commitments, integrity and the very best of our services. By demand of overwhelming responses and support by previous clients and wishes we have gained. Arjunareans are now officially unveiling our company……

Our Tailored Services Includes…

.Grand wedding dais, bedroom, main table, banquet hall & Ballroom decoration, floral & custom made decor accessories arrangement.

.Designing Weddings & Party (Creating special theme and concepts as per client’s wishes).

.Supply and rental wedding decor items and wedding deco appliances (wedding dais platform, quality wrought iron & traditional wood carves pelamin’s house, wedding dowry (Hantaran) trays, grand imported merenjis set)

.Professional advice & consultations on deco design for special event & Home decor.

..Welcome All to extraordinary Art & Decor World and get indulge…


Knowing us is to love us
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1 Response to Arjuna Cipta are……

  1. emmy suraya says:

    salam… bole saya tau quotation bg harga pelamin sanding n pelamin mini berapa? trima kasih,

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