Wedding Reception -Dewan Banquet SUK Perak, Ipoh 14 November 2008

The Grand Wedding Dais


The Grand  Wedding Dais 2


The Grand Main Table


The Eden Flowers



The Fairy Tree


Outside decor – Grand Arch Entree



Knowing us is to love us
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72 Responses to Wedding Reception -Dewan Banquet SUK Perak, Ipoh 14 November 2008

  1. adziim says:

    this is yet another amazing masterpieces! well done.
    i particularly like ‘The Eden Flowers’. the whole concept seems so cosy (look at the colour scheme used) brillant!

    have you done any outdoor/park/garden wedding?

  2. arjunacipta says:

    Thank you so much adzim for your comment…..we take it as a compliment. Yet there is still much to learn from the experience and other professional decorator.

    Outdoor/park/garden wedding we did it last year. Did u interested with any?

    Thanks again adzim for browsed our web blog. Really appeciate it.

    Arjuna Zizan

  3. dib says:

    OMG seriously a very beautiful wedding.can u give me the quotations?n if u dun mind,dis hall bleh muatkan berape org jemputan?coz i impikan dis kind of wedding,tp klu ikutkan family,they all nak buat kat rumah je sbb yg nak dijemput tu ramai,what do u thnk bout that?and selain dewan SUK ni ade suggestion x?

  4. fa says:

    Arjuna, vre nice dais! i’ve sent u an email on the price quotation. Appreciate ur response please. thanks 😉

  5. azimah says:


    sangat cantik deco dalam dewan ni. boleh x emailkan quotation price untuk whole pakej? Untuk makluman, sy juga akan menggunakan dewan SUK ini.

  6. faizah says:

    wahhh…sungguh teruja…bole send kat saye quotation utk majlis yg cenggini? kalo bole secepat mungkin la ye…hehe…majlis saye 8 ogos nnt…and da hall is not too big, with 40 tables..

  7. Mislia says:

    I like the ballroom. Please give me some info about how much is the charges for the ballroom, then is it come together with the tables and chairs? Would appreciate if u can give me the quotation and pass to me person in charge for this ballroom as soon as possible

  8. nelli says:

    kalau kat ipoh suk hall tuh sumer2 skali u all charge braper.

  9. hanim (0122139458) says:

    I like the ballroom. Can u give me some info on charges for this ballroom, together with the decoration? really appreciate if u can give me the quotation and cntact no person in charge for this ballroom…thanks

  10. Geetha says:

    Ya…. i like this deco as well. Its really amazing. Can i have the quatation & other info.

  11. eaniey says:

    sy pon bcdng nk buat kt dewan ni..can u give me da quotation…
    adakah kita boleh sewa dewan n ambil pakej mkn n wedding planner lain? ataupun semua msti under pngurusan dewan? dewan boleh muatkan berapa orng untk mjlis perkhwinan bln 11 ni, can u give me specific quotation…please 😉 secepat mungkin yaa

  12. Eve says:

    This is nice… can u send me the quotation?

  13. hana says:

    hai arjuna,
    i would like to know the cost quotation if no decoration of pelamin. Only focus for table pengantin, hall and front door arch. insyallah the vanue will be at SUK ipoh this coming Jun 2010. So the color will be red+white+black. Please contact me because i really look for wedding planner come with creative and reseaonable price. thanks


  14. arjunacipta says:

    Dear all clients. We already reply your inquiries into your personal email add given. Thank your for all the compliments and appreciation. regards – arjuna cipta

  15. yannyroselee says:

    can i have the quotation..

  16. aLz says:

    Hello… Can I have a quotation too please for this type of deco? And what do you cover as a wedding planner? In Dewan Banquet SUK as well… thanks!

    • arjunacipta says:

      Hello ALZ

      Thank you for your interest with Arjuna Cipta services. We have replied the price of that pelamin in your private emails. For your information currently we are still a wedding decorator and perhaps within this year we will create the wedding planner under Arjuna Cipta & Associates.

  17. Azli says:

    hi arjuna,

    can i have a quotation if i make the wedding at this place???

  18. liza says:

    Good job arjuna!really like the deco.can i have the quotation for the whole package please…

  19. Nurul says:

    boleh saya dapatkan price quotation untuk dewan dan keseluruhan pakej wedding ni. tq.

  20. Nurul says:

    boleh saya tau price quotation utk dewan n lain2 utk wedding ni.tq

  21. Amir says:

    Boleh sent quotation utk total budget x? urgent..

  22. maz says:

    salam..berapa budget pelamin untuk dua mempelai erk….tq..

  23. lyn says:

    i rancang nk buat kat u boley bg quotation tak untuk pelamin and evrthing tmasuk mkn…lebih kurang 1000 org..

  24. hubungi kami 05-243 4139,05-243 9139 (F) 012-5150696

  25. Zila says:

    How to book this hall? pls send me the quotation. thx

  26. DeNi says:

    hi can i know how much kalau nak sewa SUK hall kat ipoh pls..and usually hw long dia bagi us to use and hw early v have to book the hall…

  27. intan says:

    can u send me a quotation for pakej pelamin dewan.thank u

  28. emma says:

    hi, can i know the quotation and ur whole package? this is very nice. am now looking for a very nice pelamin for my wedding next year.

  29. farahmia says:

    OMG!!! it was so BEAUTIFUL!!mind gimme the quoatation for the pelamin n etc pls..

  30. lynn says:

    hye again…can you give me the quotation for this package..

  31. ana says:

    cantik sgt… blh sy dptkn quotation utk semuanyer.. tq

  32. Devii Nadarajan says:

    We arelooking for a reception hall for the 01 October 2011, i know its a bit early now but thought we get some things sorted out first. Can you please provide me with the contact details so i can get in touch for more details.

  33. Yah says:

    Can you please send me quotation for the package pelamin and decoration please. The pelamin and deco is really nice.

  34. DD says:

    Salam Arjuna Cipta

    Would appreciated if u can send me a quotation like the one in the above picture.

  35. Pito says:

    Hi Arjuna Cipta,
    Please email me the quotation for the deco and the ballroom.please..

  36. Liz says:

    Arjuna, I’m planning for my wedding for this Nov 2011..i’m still looking for the hall at the moment..but if i want something like those in the photos, can u pls provide me with the quotation for the dais, deco, etc?..tqvm

  37. hasinah says:

    nk quotation utk pelamin ni gak,plz..tq.

  38. nurdya says:

    nak quotation untuk dewan dan semua pakej yang ada plz

  39. ain says:

    bleh saya tau budget utk bt mjls kawin kt cni??

  40. Yoy says:

    hi there!
    nice gler uu wedding deco!=)ske larrrr…..
    cn i hve the quotation? between cn u gve me the contact no to book this hall too…

  41. jusey says:

    could you please email me the capacity of this hall and how much is the rental for the hall itself without deco ???

  42. sabrina says:

    hi, i would like to have the quotation for this type of wedding and how many people can fit in this hall.

    thank you.

  43. syuhada says:

    hi, i’m empressed with the decor..congrates! can i have the quotation for it? my wedding will be around november. TQ

    • ARJUNA CIPTA says:

      thank you syuhada and we’ll take it as a compliment. Can you please contact us or drop your contact no. Untuk makluman anda harga pakej kami bergantung kepada perbincangan. Sila hubungi kami secara terus di 0173122466 (zizan) atau 0123249115 (ardly). TQ

  44. Puteri says:

    salam..can u pls gimme a Full quotation 4 dewan SUK? thx

  45. nurul says:

    hi, i’m really interested to hold my wedding reception here, nak tanya if you yang tolong bookkan this hall? i’m very interested dengan your fairy-princess-barbie design. boleh send quotation tak to my email please?

  46. emy says:

    hi..this was so me the quotation please..=)

  47. emy says:

    hi..this was so osem..tolong email quotation kalau nk buat majlis macam ni..thnks..=)

  48. Sharma says:

    Can u sent me the quotation and also the address of your place as soon as possible.

  49. Tasha Lee says:

    Hi, Please sent me quotation for this deco! 🙂

  50. ahmad says:

    Saya berminat utk dapatkan quotation bagi hiasan seperti dalam gambar tue. tgh mencari dewan dan hiasan yg sesuai untuk majlis saya di jangkakan bln nov tahun nie. Nnti emailkan quotation tue yer. Thanks

  51. Jasvinder Singh says:

    I am looking for a ballroom reservation on 28 Oct 2012 to hold my wedding reception.

    KIndly let me know what are the packages you offer and the prices. Does it comes with decoration?

    Thank you.

  52. firdaus says:

    please send me the quotation for the decoration, most probably my wedding will be on November at sunway xtreme park and where is ur shop locate?

  53. roysin says: nak taw price utk deco mcm ni n tmpahan dewan ini..bleh sape2 tlng?? Plz..plz..

  54. syasya says:

    Plis give me the quatation price

  55. cynthia says:

    Hi Arjuna

    I like this deco so much and I would like have more details on your service and quotation for above deco and hall. Tq

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