Putrajaya – 8th August 2009

Our works of loves dedicated to our best friend wedding Dr Sazafi & Dr Mawaddah.





Knowing us is to love us
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4 Responses to Putrajaya – 8th August 2009

  1. yati says:

    cantik sangat pelamin nie
    berapa harga pelamin nie dari pihak arjuna
    dalam tahun hadapan saya wedding,,,,,

  2. Lindanajmi says:

    Hai …so beautiful, ini untuk dewan rite? if i nak similar like this design 4 home, is it can? n i nak tahu the price..thanks arjunacipta

  3. ardly lufias says:

    Yeayy Thanxs for respond & we take them as a very compliments.. utk pertanyaan berkenaan harga & perincian, sila hubungi 0123249115 atau 0173122466 TQ!

    -Arjuna Cipta-

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