2nd year anniversary

Time is moving so fast and we almost forgot this April 2010 is our 2nd year anniversary as a bloggers.  Since our 1st entry till today there is a lot of changes and improvement by team …Congratulations guys. There are a lot of  sweet memories and experience we shared through this blog. We started our business from this blog and we never expected that we will manage to be in this level today.  Since our official 1st client “Miss Hanida” till our big fan wedding Miss Waheeda there’s a lot of  thrilled experience.  Frankly speaking this experience is teaching us how the life is, how to satisfy people and how to face the challenging of the business world. And this experience is giving us a chance to be a better man and better view of our directions. Alhamdulillah and thanks  Allah SWT for your love and kindness for  giving us this golden chance of our life.

Thank you and lot appreciation to our family and friends specially to Arjuna Cipta Creative Team for their loves, support and pray and most gratitude to our client, Arjuna Cipta business associates (Perfect Day Planner, Man Kajang and etc sorry its  long list but u know who you are), Media friends (CDQA, NSTP, Kumpulan Utusan, STAR, Media Prima Bhd etc), decorator friends and to those 114,599 arjunacipta.wordpress supporters, thank you so much for your viewing, support and we do hope you guys will continue supporting us. We still have a long journey to discover and we are nothing without your support. Thank you again

“This blog is our witness and your event is our inspirations”


Knowing us is to love us
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