Gypsy Moroccan: Beverly Hights, Ampang

A theme by Arjuna Cipta Creative Team for Izwan & Maya Wedding


Knowing us is to love us
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4 Responses to Gypsy Moroccan: Beverly Hights, Ampang

  1. oniey says:

    so great 🙂
    i like it…
    i like the arabian concept…..
    ur client only at KL n Sel area….
    if from other state can be ur client????

  2. shazy says:

    Good day!!…

    omg.. it was really great dais that i ever seen… can u email me the price for this dais.. i hope the price is under my budget.. hehe..;)

  3. ezafarita says:

    Salam Azizan..

    Please email me the quotation for birthday party.

    Theme : Arabian Night
    Celebration for 1st Bornday
    invitation : 50-80 pax
    Venue : KGSAAS shah alam
    Date : yet to be finalize ( probably on 28/29th May or 4/5th June.

    Please reply the soonest.



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