The Loves Gates Wedding at One World Hotel, Damansara Utama

World without boundaries and who expect 50 years ago the power of cyber technologies tools will connect everybody. With a distance of 6771 miles , Dublin and Kuala Lumpur just a click away. This time we gave our labor of loves to the most beautiful couple Dr. Sophia and Dr. Victor. To believe or not we contact thru emails only. Oh yes just a few cyber discussion and confirmation emails and we meet just 3 days before their most memorable event with cherish and friendly environment. Laugh, smile and experience sharing seems like we already knows for 100 years. After spend almost 8 years abroad, frankly speaking this couple got a taste and they know what they want for their wedding. For their event we pour the loveliest couple with the touch of pinkish and a drop of purplish “exchange of vows wedding Altar”. For the finishing works we put the garden stand light and a pair of bird cages to enhance the romantic Ireland ambience…dim the light and let us present to you

“The Love Gates Wedding”

The Grand Altar

The Unity Candle and the hand bouquet


Knowing us is to love us
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4 Responses to The Loves Gates Wedding at One World Hotel, Damansara Utama

  1. Victor says:

    Thanks Zizan, Ardly and crew! You guys did excellent! We loved what you did – lovely, passionate and sincere! Well done all! Thanks again for everything. May God bless you all. Victor & Sophia

  2. Sophia says:

    Hey guys, Sophia here. First of all, just wanna thank you for the job welldone, creativity, passion and hopitality. Zizan and Adly, both are very busy people but when we actually got the chance to meet, they both win us over with their trust, generosity and kindness which I found to be very rare. Victor & I consider ourselves to be very blessed. Thank you folks!! Love, from Dublin! xoxo

    • arjunacipta says:

      Hey Sophia..we’re really sorry for not able to meet you guys during your post event…we are very busy during that period….anyway thank you so much for your believe on us. we really appreciate both of you. Thanks again..congratulations again..and best of luck in your guys future undertakings.

      Arjuna Zizan & Arjuna Ardly

  3. arjunacipta says:

    Hi Victor thank you so much too. We try to serve the best services to our clients. Thanks again. Send my regard to Sophia. All the best in Dublin ya.

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