The Flying In the Seventh Skies High – Bukit Damansara

Last weekend we created the very unique wedding dais for our gorgeous client. At first he told us he want his wedding dais to be something different from others and here we goes, we gave them a wings to fly high.


Knowing us is to love us
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8 Responses to The Flying In the Seventh Skies High – Bukit Damansara

  1. sanira says:

    can u send me the price quotation to my email for ‘ the flying in d seventh skies high’ n ‘engagement in jb’.
    n also d packages dat u have for engagement,akad nikah n reception.
    thank u so much

    p/s:ur creation is sumting dat tottaly different frm others n yet d best i’ve ever seen. 🙂

  2. fiza says:

    i luv diz deco….quotation plz…tq

  3. hafizah razali says:

    sgt cntik!blh th pakej pelamin?blh tak guna pelamin ni untuk dlm rumah?rumah agk bsr

  4. ita rashid says:

    bole tau quotation pelamin ni??

  5. wan says:


    Macam mana saya bolih beli sayap yg dalam gambar,dan berapa harganya?

  6. wan says:


    saya berminat nak beli beli sayap yg dalam gambar,berapa harganya
    dan diperbuat dari material apa,size sila jelaskan.

  7. fitzack says:

    i need quot for the ‘pelamin’

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