French Pavillion Garden in Bloom

The French power spreads love all over the world. Another collaboration with Man Kajang for his client.

Wedding dais : Arjuna Cipta

Wedding attire, coordination, make up: Man Kajang


Knowing us is to love us
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12 Responses to French Pavillion Garden in Bloom

  1. Aida Mustapha says:

    ini utk pakej pelamin shj ker? blh sy dapatkan harga pakej, termasuk: –

    1. make-up (2x), catering (700pax)
    2. pelamin (mini di rumah + di hall)

    mcm mana nk buat booking, masih ada lagi?
    majlis pada 11.6.11 di Dewan Bdr Baru Sg. Buloh.
    atau sy blh walk-in to make an appointment?

  2. fareed says:

    sy nak tahu pakej utk pelamin ini berapa….bleh hantar quatation kat email sy ke…tq

  3. hafizah razali says:

    sy nk th harga pelamin ini berapa?

  4. ika says:


    I nak tau pelamin macam ni if buat kat rumah, how much it will be?


  5. Maisya says:


    Interested with this pelamin… but this pelamin for dewan rite? how much does it cost for the same pelamin with smaller size suitable for house?

  6. marnie says:

    hai,,bleh mintak quotation utk pelamin nie x? tarikh 20/11/2011,,delivery to sri damansara…tq

  7. Liena says:

    Hi.. cantik pelamin nie.. if wat kat rumah how much ye? can u sent me da quot? dun 4get to sent any package available for this year…..thnx in advance…

  8. siti khadijah says:

    cantik 🙂 boleh sendkan quoation utk pelamin nie pada email sy?

  9. aishah says:

    sy berminat sgt dengn rekaan ni.please pm price kat email sy… jika ada pakge lengkap sila nyatakan sekali untuk 2012.

  10. Rina Devi Sukumaran says:

    hy.. how much the price for this? Thank you

  11. Dayah says:

    Hey..I would like to know the quotation for this pelamin plus if there is any special package for the pelamin as email me at Tq

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