Love shines at Bukit Tunku

Last weekend we did a solemnization decoration for Miss Shazana Sofia the daughter of Minister for International Trade and Industry,  Dato’ Seri Mustapa Mohamed. The official resident is obviously beautiful in architecture with a touch of colonial and so we decide the setup will compliment and not obstruct the existing structure. Something to be simple with extravagant and unique flower mixture and arrangement. So laid back an enjoy the picturesque  “The Pastel Colonial Garden”


Knowing us is to love us
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3 Responses to Love shines at Bukit Tunku

  1. Nadia S says:

    Salam En Hadi

    I have sent you an email…would be grateful if you could kindly respond..


  2. Maisya says:


    How much does it cost for this pelamin?

  3. ena says: saye harga ni ye…tq…

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