Vintage & Rustic Wedding – Unstructured & Wild

Another collaboration assignment with Perfect Day Planner for Nabilah & Zakhren wedding reception at Tana Rimba Janda Baik, Pahang, after their solemnization ceremony at Glenmarie Shah Alam with  DIY Rustic & Vintage Theme.  Instead of having a massed rose bouquet or other bouquet of one single flower, we choose mixed flowers that look like they could come from the garden. We love the look of  unstructured & wild garden roses, Sunflowers, sweet william, sweet pea, eustoma etc


10710242_890792030948715_2464512815157175803_o10662213_891444334216818_2052904922095378068_o 10682326_891444350883483_7941997038900786963_o 10682394_891444294216822_7369419863193542942_o 10708726_890795320948386_8075286079490483145_o 10688183_891444297550155_4394258039158839482_o 10550116_891444330883485_2470362130392682323_o 1531994_891444304216821_7919626607223486054_o

Design Concept, Planning and Coordination by Perfect Day Planner, Floral Arrangement by Arjuna Cipta, Catering from Big Onion Food Catering, Chairs & Tables from Madetill Event, Sound by Psychoachoustic Sound and Lights, Chalkboard & Signages by Parfait Prints

Photo Courtesy by Carlos Nizam Photography & Perfect Day Planner


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